Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things I've Learned from Veggie Tales

It is not nice to call a cucumber a pickle!

Gourds do not have bellybuttons

Blueberries are pessimistic, depressing, melancholies.

Carrots have Irish accents

French peas really do speak French (who knew?)

Cucumbers enjoy watching soap operas about manatees.

Tomatoes are entirely too bossy!

Gourds just "want to dance.....want to groove....want to feel the rush of the wind under their shoooooes....."

Can you tell I am the mother of a Veggie lover?  He simply wont watch any other cartoon but Veggie Tales.

Thank you for sharing...


Chelsey said...

So funny... But do you know how to say "lip" in Polish???

We're big fans of Veggie Tales at our house too... Lyle the Kindly Viking is one of my favourites.

SuzMearsNess said...

Veggie Tales are the BEST EVER! I never worry about what the kids are watching if I can hear the Veggies! And for reference...cucumbers don't need hairbrushes! :-)


Toni Blake said...

Once in a while our 10 year old grandson will put in a Veggie Tale DVD. Over the years, he has watched and enjoyed many of them.