Monday, November 18, 2013

A Secret Announcement!

I've been keeping a secret.

A big, big secret.

And I simply can't hold back any longer!

Nearly 6 months ago I contacted my dear friend Sunu from Clothed in Scarlet about an article she wrote 50+ Authentic Online Business Ideas {That Actually Work}.

It really caught my eye because this was something I had been praying about for quite some time.

But I wanted it to be more than just an online/home business.  I wanted it be a ministry as well.

That conversation led to another....

and then another...

And before I knew it we we were setting a launch date for Missional Call.

What is Missional Call????

Well, I'm so glad you asked!!
Mission Call is an outreach to present, future and former/retired missionaries.

It has a 3-fold purpose:

1. To provide present missionaries a community where they can support one another during those first critical years of mission work and integration, fellowship and advise one another

2. To provide future/hopeful missionaries an "one-stop-shop" place where they can find the resources and advice they need to prepare for a mission

3. To provide former and retired missionaries a place where they feel connected to the mission field. This is accomplished through becoming contributors and advisers to Missional Call.

-------->> Missional Call launches on DECEMBER 4, 2013!!!! <<--------

You can start following me here:

I honestly can't believe that this is happening!!!
There is so much more to share. So very, very much more.

But I don't want to ruin the whole surprise!
So, I'll just say that you'll want to check back the first week of December because I'll be doing a huge launch party.

During the launch party I'll share more about Missional Call and all of the resources you will find there

And there will be a different giveaway each day.

Some of those giveaways include:


So be sure to check back for more details about MISSIONAL CALL and the launch week giveaways!

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 Do you have a question related to missions?  Feel free to contact me via email, comment below or visit my Facebook page to ask your question.  It will be featured here during our fall Answer the Call series!

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SimplyHelpingHim said...

YAY! I'm so excited for you sis! :) <3

Laura Boggess said...

Such exciting news! Congratulations, is sounds like a much-needed ministry.

Diane Hill Roark said...

It sounds like a wonderful idea God has placed in your heart. I look forward to following you on all your social medias. Blessings!! Diane

If any missionaries could use a preschool on-line bible game, maybe to teach English. I created one at:

Jen Ferguson said...

This sounds like such a great resource for missionaries! Glad you let us know about it at SDG!

A Little R & R said...

Thank you for shopping by, Jen!!

A Little R & R said...

Diane, I would love more information about The Game! Please, e-mail me some more info.

A Little R & R said...

Thank you Laura, for stopping by!!

A Little R & R said...

Thank you, Misty! You are one Of my biggest cheer leaders

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

What exciting news! I love how God can work through us in so many wonderful ways.

A Little R & R said...

Thank you, Lori. I am so honored to be used in this way!

Jenni Mullinix said...

How exciting! Looking forward to reading more about it in the near future! :)

Aurie Good said...

Wow - how exciting!!

A Little R & R said...

Thank you, Jenni! The big day is Wednesday!!

A Little R & R said...

Thank you!!

A Little R & R said...

Thank you so much!