Friday, December 27, 2013

Clothes Pin Snowflake - a Fun Winter Craft

This is a fun winter craft to do with kid’s ages preschool and up. My kids (ages 3 and 4 years old) love to paint, so they enjoyed this craft. It’s also a fun craft to do by yourself.

What you will need for one snowflake:
8 clothes pins
White paint with paint brushes
Glitter or glitter glue (your choice of color)
Glue gun
Paper (to protect your table)
Wax paper
Simple medium suction cup

Step one:
Take clothes pins apart (remove the metal spring)

Step two:
Glue the clothes pins “back to back”

Step three:
Place paper on table and paint all sides of the clothes pin then let dry on wax paper. If you use plain paper, the paper will stick to the wet paint. Wax paper will not stick.

Step four:
Once the paint is dry, place a drop of glue on the top corner of the head of a clothes pin then press another clothes pin head into the glue. Refer to photo for guidance.

Step five:
Once 4 clothes pins are glued together, glue the remainder 4 in each corner. Refer to photo for guidance.

Step six:
When all 8 clothes pins are glued together, then go ahead and have fun with the glitter!

Step seven:
Take the suction cup (remove the metal hook) and glue it to the middle of the back of the snowflake.

Turn over the snowflake.

And ta-dah! All done and ready for your wintery window. I love this because where we live we have to drive an hour or more if we want to see snow. We only get good snow about once every other year or so. So this decoration helps us see past our wet, rainy winter “wonderland”. I hope you enjoy this fun winter time craft.

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Tassie Bauman Smith said...

That looks like a lot of fun! And my girls are the right age to enjoy it. I'll see if we can't do that this week!

A Little R & R said...

I hope you have fun with it! Tiffany did a great job with this one!!!

Natalie said...

Looks like fun. Crafts do not come easily to me, so I am always thankful for people who share their ideas and know-how.

Sarah {the fontenot four} said...

Very cute idea!! So many possibilities with the decorating of these. It would be a fun craft to try with my daughter. Thanks for sharing.

annette from A Net in Time said...

that looks like a simple enough craft doesn't it?

A Little R & R said...

I'm a lot the same way, Natalie. This is such a creative idea!

A Little R & R said...

Yes there are, many possibilities. It's very versatile and lovely!

A Little R & R said...

It sure does look simple and so much fun!

DaLynn McCoy said...

Cute! Pinning this one! Thanks!

Nina Newton said...

What a cute idea for a fun craft! We have an online Christian women's magazine, Ruby for Women that is published quarterly. If you are interested in submitting some of your articles, blog posts, or craft ideas let me know and we can talk about the details. Stop by my blog at where you can read the winter issue of the magazine, or visit the Ruby blog at Hope to hear from you soon! Nina @ mamaslittletreasures and Ruby for Women

Brandy said...

How fun! Pinning for later!

A Little R & R said...

Thank you for pinning!!

A Little R & R said...

Thank you for pinning, Brandy!!